Saturday, July 19, 2008

Exploring Vietnam-->DAY 1

2nd July...3 of us(me, Wee Kiat and Mary) on this JOURNEY was extremely excited. We never imagine we are actually TRAVELLING OUT for the very first time on our own to a ALIENATED LAND!!

Journey PLAN 1 Melaka-->KL-->KL Sentral-->LCCT-->Hanoi

Mary and Wee Kiat on the skybus to LCCT(see how excited they smile)

We arrive at LCCT at 11.30p.m and we spend nearly 5 hours try to sleep in LCCT McD as our flight is 6a.m in the morning, it was seriouly torturing experiance, we was so worn out that day.

4 hours of traveling on the flight we finally landed on the land of HANOI....Take a deep breath ...Ahhh, Vietnam the land of PEACE(is that really that peaceful??)

The first thing we need to do upon our arrival is get the local bus to HANOI city...we choose to take the local bus just like the local vietnamese because we would like to experiance the life of the LOCAL people, that's the SPIRIT of BACKPACKERS!!!but..... we can't speak vietnamese..haha

The first thing I see as I walk out of the airport Gate-> Chang Dong Jiang advertisement

NOTTHING can stop us, we went around look for buses and just ask "GO HANOI?" Finally we get on Jetstart shutter bus to travel to HANOI CITY.

But another issue incur, where are we going to STOP?!!But God is always graceful, there was a Nun on the bus sitting next to us helping up on to sort out which direction we should stop.At last we manage to stop at somewhere near Hoan Kiem Lake and Sister help us to get a TAXI to get us to Dong Xuan street to the Sine Cafe travel agency to get out train ticket to Sapa.

Upon the first hour of our arrival we already get cheated even though we alert of it through those advise we read through in traveling forum or books. The Taxi extra charge us 90K Dong =4USD for just a 10min drive.. LESSON 1, do not take TAXI in VIETNAM.

At Sinh Cafe we supposing to collect 3 ticket through and flow to SAPA..but something didn't turn up just right, the stuff getting wrong info and only manage to get 2 ticket to Sapa, but they give their promises to deliver us before the train departure time.

Leaving that place we went to hunt for our first meal in Hanoi--> Cha Ca la Vong (Spicy Fish Rice Noodle Streamboat) .

It cost us 90k Dong for each person which means 4 USD for 1 meal, gosh that was expensive.

But it was worth trying , it taste GOOD especially with the rice noodle mix with "Fish Drop" and stir fry vege.

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