Monday, August 4, 2008

After recharging our energy, we carry on our exploration with our HEAVY "TURTLE SHELL"-->backpacks.                                                                        'lepaking' on street

We went around Hoan Kian Lake and brought the Water Puppet Show Ticket for 5th July.

Hoan Kiam Lake Scenery

Me and Mary with our "TREASURE MAP"

Shop selling all kind of 'Tanglong'

Lively Drawing saw on the street

We went from street to street exploring out and there was this "friendly" fruits sales lady approach WK and Mary to offer her hat and Carrier fruit basket for photo taking. This two little 'water fish' was not doubtful about it accept the offer, but we scene the fishy behind this "GOOD OFFER", she take out 2 small packet of pineapple and ask us to pay 20K Dong for that... 1.5UsD for 2 packet of pineapple..after much negotiation we manage to get her agree to pay her 10K Dong for 2. Sigh, 2nd time being cheated. LESSON 2 Do not simply accept any offer from the LOCAL people !


During the Dinner time we walk along street to hunt for stall seling local food.

We took Beef Spring Roll, Dry Beef "SALAD", and Beef Noodle before we heading to the Railway Station.

Dry Beef "Salad"

Beef Rice Noodle

taken at the Noodle stall with the Stall Owner

After our Meal, the travel Agency Stuff, Du brough us to the railway station to catch our train to Sapa.

Du , Vietnam travel agency stuff

The train seat we brought is 6 bed hardsleeper dorm, we being arrange to different dorm. In my dorm there was 2 Vietnamese Writer with an American who kept silent throughout the 10 hours Journey to Sapa.
I was too exhausted, as I get on the bed I directly fall into deep sleep and I was filty and stinks as I haven't taken any bath for 2 days ...1st day I was working in the day and catch bus to LCCT in the night, 2nd day whole day travelling in Hanoi and whole night on the train which is without any bath room except a smelly toilet. But I can't bother much REST first zzzzZZZzzzz...

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